A company’s real estate portfolio has a much greater value to the business enterprise than the sum of the underlying properties. Corporate real estate is not merely a “necessary evil” used to generate business revenues; it is a strategic resource. Despite this reality, corporate leaders maneuvering their companies through a rapidly-changing business environment often overlook the earnings potential of their capital dedicated to real estate.

While this prioritization is understandable, companies leave significant value on the table when they do not fully understand the impact their real estate has on their balance sheet and on their bottom line. Corporate leaders who synchronize the dynamic, ever-changing landscape of corporate strategy with their real estate holdings will enhance liquidity and shareholder value, and insure that scarce corporate capital does not remain dedicated to unproductive assets.

At Actio Corporate Asset Advisors, LLC (Actio), we help companies unlock the hidden value in their real estate portfolio and align the goals and objectives of the company’s real estate holdings with the goals and objectives of its business units. Actio helps companies create more liquidity, enhance the bottom line of the income statement, and deliver new earnings and investor value.