Actio Corporate Asset Advisors focuses on giving our clients the Real Estate information they need in order to act. With client relationships that last decades, we pride ourselves on being trusted advisers whose expertise amplifies our clients’ internal resources. We propose creative solutions to complex real estate matters and have the expertise to execute those solutions efficiently and effectively. In our work with our clients, we believe:

  • Major opportunities exist to find hidden value in companies’ real estate portfolios
  • Real Estate, when managed as proactively as other operating assets, is a significant source of cost reduction, risk mitigation, new earnings and cash flow
  • The release of capital from real estate assets will positively drive financial performance, delivering new and enhanced earnings, investor value, and liquidity

The Actio Team has executed the real estate component of asset strategy for multiple multinational clients.

  • Reworked Real Estate footprints involving capital investments in excess of $3 billion and 10 million square feet
  • Negotiated over 3 million square feet of leases
  • Organized supply chains across North America
  • Over $1 billion in dispositions including over $100 million in sale leaseback transactions
  • Adept in navigating the Chapter 11 bankruptcy renegotiation process

We are not brokers. Nor do we compete with them. We team with brokers to understand local markets when developing solutions. We select the best local brokerage team in each sub-market and oversee each deal from concept to completion.