Location: Louisiana

This rural Louisiana community lost its single, major employer.

  • Over 150,000 square feet in several steel buildings in an agricultural area of Central Louisiana
  • No apparent market
  • Company needed plan to control environmental liability and set the stage for a sale of the property in the tertiary market

Actio’s planning, consensus building, and marketing program placed the community in a position to re-envision the single user property into a new industrial park utilizing existing infrastructure and buildings. Support from key stakeholders was essential to create a public/private partnership with the corporation, targeted to smaller users on the existing site.

Following Actio’s plan the town created an industrial authority to run the project, which found public funding and has successfully attracted small businesses.

  • The corporation was able to safely remediate the site to industrial standards, contribute wetlands to a conservancy area, and become the catalyst for a new economic future
  • The plan achieved 100% job replacement within two years and continued diversified growth
  • The community was able to bring an investor group to purchase the park